Farm life




Look after the animals
Every morning wake up and look after the animals, feed the chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, cats, sheep, pony and goat
In the "cuddle corner" you can be close to the newborn chicks and baby rabbits 
« From grain to cakes »
 Children will collect the wheat and then grind it to make flour. They will also collect eggs from the chickens and prepare a cake for tea time



« From sheep to wool »
 In the afternoon the sheep are fed and they have a little haircut ! Their wool is washed, carded, woven. The children will make a little something out of the sheep's wool to take home with them, a little souvenir to remind them of their stay at the farm
Making jam
During the summer the children collect berries to make jam.
In october they collect apples to make compote


Vegetable patch
Plant seeds, water and collect the grown vegetables according to the season


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